"Well, just giving you a heads up - I am confident in stating that you have to look no further for your child's daycare.  If you are reading this and on Katie's Kids LLC website, look no further.

Katie has cared for our son Pierce for 2 and half years and our other son Banks for almost 2 years now. She is very caring and interactive with the kids. I feel completely safe knowing they are in her care everyday!The kids have a variety of activities, including special ones for birthdays/holidays. They eat a nutritious breakfast and lunch as well as snacks.
Katie welcomed my boys into her home and family. She is very personal, dependable, reliable, organized, has a clean home, and is a professional. They get the individual attention they need. From day one my boys have always been excited to go to "Ms. Katie's" house. Never has there been any problems or concerns. When I am at work I know I have nothing to worry about because they are having fun and learning and being cared for with patience and love. Its a great family daycare! I highly recommend this daycare."

Kelly Patel
Oregon, WI

"Putting our boys into daycare was a decision that kept me up with worry many nights. But, once we found Katie’s Kids, I slept soundly, knowing that my boys were being so well cared for and were having a great time. Katie has a wonderful routine, including plenty of free play with fun toys that she regularly rotates out (so the kids have a chance to play with “new” things), circle time where they work on age-appropriate literacy and math skills, craft time (perfect for developing fine motor skills), and large motor play (often outside on her awesome playground or at one of the many nearby parks). Not only are the activities at daycare fantastic, but Katie also arranges family events like zoo trips, hockey games, and the annual Katie’s Kids party. We have made great friends through Katie’s Kids, and we couldn’t be happier to have been a Katie’s Kids family."

Krissy Wick
Brooklyn, WI

"Katie has provided incredible care for my 3 year old.  She asks every morning if she's going to "school" today and cheers if it's a Katie day.  She brings home cute projects almost everyday and I love that Katie provides a detailed sheet of what my child ate and did that day.  I highly recommend Katie's Kids to everyone I know!"

Greta Andersen
Oregon, WI



"Our family h"I have two children that go to Katie's Kids and I have worked with her for 4 years.   Katie is always highly professional and organized in all aspects of the business and of childcare.  My children enjoy playing with Katie and I know that they are occupied,cared for and treated respectfully there.   She has a well structured plan every day including a menu that parents can review and a theme for every week.  Katie always seems to be finding new things for the kids to do all year round, including short trips to music class, picnics, playdates with other childcare providers, or the library.  I know my kids enjoy her and her family. I especially enjoy the pictures that she posts on shutterfly and updates she provides on facebook.  I would reccomend her to everyone I know."

 Beth Petersen

Oregon, WI


“We were grateful to have the opportunity to bring our daughter to Katie’s Kids after being on a waiting list for a couple of years.  From day one, we felt very welcome and a part of the Katie’s Kids family.  Katie is professional, personable, flexible and patient.  She provides a clean, organized and well-equipped environment for the children.  She prepares varied and nutritious meals daily, offers positive guidance/appropriate discipline when necessary, and ensures that the children experience a host of stimulation and enriching activities both inside and outside the daycare (including regular visits to the park, library and community events).  Katie has a weekly theme in which all of the music, books, art projects, education, etc. correlates with.  Each day we look forward to pick up and hearing about all of the activities from the day.  In addition, Katie was instrumental in potty training our daughter around age two.  We truly give her all of the credit for such a seamless transition! We feel very thankful and blessed to have found a quality daycare that will help our daughter learn and grow in a fun, safe and caring environment."

Erin Bechen

Oregon, WI


"Our daughter, Emily - 3 years old,  has attended Katie's Kids on a drop in basis (often times last minute) and also for temporary care for four months. Emily is very shy and Katie was able to bring her out of her shell and really help her make friends and interact with the other children. She would come home so excited telling us about all her friends that she played with, which was new for her. We also were very impressed with the education our daughter gained at Katie's Kids. Emily was able to greatly expand on her alphabet skills. We loved hearing about new songs, the theme of the week and circle time that was always provided at Katie's Kids. We still talk about how impressed with the growth we saw in Emily during her temporary care at Katie's Kids. Katie provides an excellent environment for nurturing, teaching and caring for children."

Christy Schwartz

Oregon, WI


"We were thrilled when Katie’s Kids opened up right around the corner from our house. When we first visited, we knew right away we found the best place for our 1-year-old son, Cole. Every day, Katie provided us with a detailed report about what Cole did, and he came home with a fun craft he created. Every morning, Cole loved the trip to Katie’s house, even though it was just a few minutes at most. When he walked in, he immediately took his shoes off and was fired up and ready to play. He loved library day, when Katie loads all of the daycare kids into the train wagon and walks down to the public library. Katie fosters a positive environment, and her communication with us was always thoughtful and positive. Even now, we’re excited that she and her family live around the corner and we can still visit with her and play together at the park."

Kelly Sullivan and Eric Anderson
Oregon, WI




"You know you have chosen the right spot for your child’s care when your son spends the entire car ride home telling you he wants to go back to Katie’s house now!! I am so happy that I found Katie to provide care for Matthew because I had him in a center that he did not enjoy, based on us both being in tears every morning for the several weeks he attended. Katie’s themes each week include not only books about the subjects, but art projects, learning/play items, and songs. Every day I know what Matthew has been up to because Katie provides a great comprehensive sheet, which I find very valuable for chatting with him about his day and planning meals. Matthew is learning so much with Katie and having fun at the same time. And I am a happy mom knowing he is happy. We think Katie is the best!!!"

Hope Schultz

Sun Prairie, WI


"We used Katie’s Kids daycare three days a week for eight weeks while our regular daycare provider was on maternity leave. Although she was only caring for our two-year old son temporarily, she spent a significant amount of time accommodating his multiple food allergies and making him feel welcome.  We were impressed with Katie’s initiative to modify her menu and review all the food labels prior to our son’s arrival to make sure he would be safe.  We also appreciated Katie’s communication skills.  Katie does an outstanding job communicating with the kids at an age appropriate level and every night when we picked up our son she provided us the daily written log as well as verbally communicated important points from the day.  Our son loved going to Katie’s Kids and we felt the peace of mind every parent wants knowing their kids are being cared for the same way as if they were at home.  We are so thankful we found Katie's Kids!"

Irene Liebenstein

McFarland, WI

"My son LOVES Katie's Kids! I have used Katie's drop in care on several occasions. It is nice to have another option for our last minute needs. I know that when he is with Katie he is safe, cared for and engaged in educational and entertaining activities. He always comes home with a project; even if he was only there for a couple of hours. Not only does he really enjoy going, but I have peace of mind about how he is being cared for. Katie's center is clean and she treats every little one as they were her own...we love it!"

Cheri Ress

Madison, WI


"Because I have summers off work, I am home with my kids for almost three whole months. When it was time to go back to work in the fall, I had always felt anxious knowing I had to leave my daughter with someone other than myself. I got that feeling that I am sure many parents get where I felt as though no one knows my child well enough, or no one will treat her as lovingly as me, or no one will be able to care for her the way I do. Katie has been the only person with whom I have not felt that way. From day one, she eased any "end of summer" anxiety I had. I KNEW Katie cared for my daughter as though she were a close family member. Having that peace of mind as a parent is priceless and that level of care is beyond important for a child. I would recommend Katie's Kids to anyone and will always be grateful for the loving, safe environment she provided for my daughter."

Sam Brenner

Fitchburg, WI



"Katie nannied for our family for nearly two years before opening her home daycare. She earned our trust very quickly and gave us peace of mind that our child was being well cared for when we were away at work. Katie is reliable, organized, extremely professional, and understands young children and their needs very well. We also found her to be very flexible and able to adapt to our preferences with ease. While we are very happy for her and the success of her home daycare, we miss her and the great work she did for our son and our family."

Heather Clefisch

Madison, WI



"Katie was a nanny for our family in 2005 and 2006. I was so impressed with her love for our children and amazed at her organization, creativity, and flexibility. She became part of our family in a very short time. She was someone we could rely on for anything when it came to the kids and her passion for her job showed in every way possible. We have stayed in very close contact with her and are so proud of what she has accomplished with her daycare. If we had young kids again, we’d certainly be bringing them to her!!"

 Suzanna Hake

Oregon, WI