At Katie's Kids I pride myself in being more than just a daycare.  I use several curriculum books, magazines, and the internet to pull ideas from.  We also use "Signing Time" ( dvd series along with "Preschool Prep" ( dvd series.  Each week we have a theme and do crafts and activities pertaining to that theme.  We also work on ABC's, counting, shapes, colors, basic sign language, songs, and manners daily.  

Here are our themes for 2018:

Week Month Letters Color Number Shape
  January B, R, K, A Blue & White 5 Diamond
1st-5th Snow & Mittens 2  
8th-12th Winter & Polar Animals  
15th-19th Kings, Queens, & Castles  
22nd-26th Nursury Rhymes  
  February M, N, V, W Pink & Red 6 Heart
29th-2nd Groundhog Day  
5th-9th Terrific Teeth  
12th-16th Valentine's Day  
19th-23rd Patterns   
26th-2nd Dr. Seuss  
  March X, Y, Z Green & Purple 7 Shamrock
5th-9th Healthy Eating   
12th-16th St. Patrick's Day  
19th-23rd Easter  
26th-30th Closed 3/26-3/29 Easter Party 3/30  
  April Review ABC's Yellow 8 Oval
2nd-6th Opposites  
9th-13th Community Workers  
16th-20th Taking Care of Earth  
23rd-27th Spring, Plants Flowers & Trees  
  May Name Blue 9 Cresent
13th Mother's Day  
30th-4th Gardening  
7th-11th On The Farm  
14th-18th Pond Life  
21st-25th Pets  
  June Name Review Colors 10 Octogon
17th  Father's Day  
28th-1st At The Circus  
4th-8th Bugs 1  
11th-15th Bugs 2  
18th-22nd Sports  
25th-29th Picnics & BBQ  
  July Review ABC's Red, White, & Blue Review Star
2nd-6th Patriotic Week  
9th-13th Oceans & Beaches  
16th-20th Zoo  
23rd-27th Camping  
  August Pre-Writing Skills Review 0 Hexagon
30th-3rd Dinosaurs 1  
6th-10th Dinosaurs 2  
13th-17th Closed-Vacation  
20th-24th Things that go 1  
27th-31st Things that go 2  
  September L, F, E, H Red 1 Square
3rd-7th Apples  
10th-14th All About Me & My Body  
17th-21st 5 Senses  
24th-28th Feelings  
  October T, I, U, C Orange & Black 2 Rectangle
1st-5th Fall  
8th-12th Fire Safety  
15th-19th Pumpkins, Scarecrows & Owls  
22nd-26th Halloween  
  November O, Q, G, S Brown 3 Circle
29th-2nd Forest Animals  
5th-9th Family   
12th-16th Seasons/Weather   
19th-23rd Thanksgiving  
26th-30th Music & Rhythm  
  December J, D, P Green 4 Triangle
3rd-7th Outer Space  
10th-14th Christmas 1  
17th-21st Christmas 2  
24th-28th Snow & Mittens 1